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The State of the World's Cash 2023

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المبادئ التوجيهية بشأن استخدام المساعدات النقدية والقسائم في برامج الصحة الجنسية والإنجابية والحقوق المتعلقة بها © 2019

إرشادات وأدوات

في عام 2020 ، أكملت منظمة كير مراجعة متعددة البلدان للمشاريع التي تستخدم CVA للصحة الجنسية والإنجابية. (1) قدمت هذه المراجعة نتائج من أربعة استخدامات للتحويلات النقدية...

18 July 2022

GBV Considerations for Women and Girls- Cash in Ukraine and the Regional Refugee Response- UNFPA 2022

Guidelines and Tools

Cash assistance is a modality that will be used extensively inside conflict-affected Ukraine and in the regional refugee response, where feasible and appropriate (1). Given that the large majority of Ukrainian refugees are women and children, it is critical to ensure that cash programming does not put...

21 April 2022

Northwest Syria Cash and Voucher Assistance Risk and Mitigation Matrix

Guidelines and Tools

This risk matrix is a working document which outlines the key risks that can have an impact on Cash and Voucher Assistance programming in Northwest Syria and identifies mitigation measures that can help aid agencies address these risks. These CVA risks and mitigation measures were identified through an...

30 March 2022

DG ECHO Thematic Policy Document on Cash Transfers

Policy paper

DG ECHO released its Thematic Policy document on Cash Transfers in March 2022. The document provides guidance primarily to DG ECHO’s partners and staff, but also to the wider cash community with the objective of collectively enhancing the quality and efficiency of cash programmes and of humanitarian...

22 March 2022

The State of the World's Cash 2023

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