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The Provision of Cash and Voucher Assistance in the Response to the Venezuela Refugee and Migrant Crisis: Findings and lessons learned – Main report


This study, for which data was compiled between March and April 2020, seeks to document lessons and good practices in the delivery of CVA in Ecuador and Colombia by humanitarian organisations and governments, in response to migrants and refugees from Venezuela. The purpose of this analysis is...

4 September 2020

OCHA internal guidance – cash in HRPs

Guidelines and Tools

The enhanced 2020 Humanitarian Programme Cycle (HPC) approach offers a unique opportunity, through its focus on producing a joint inter-sectoral analysis, to provide a holistic understanding of the relationship between needs in the Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO). Additionally, the strengthened focus on...

2 September 2020

Use of Foreign Currency for Designing of Assistance Packages in Yemen_Fina

Guidelines and Tools

The Yemeni Rial (YER) during the course of 2020 has shown high levels of volatility in its value against foreign currencies, in particular, the United States Dollar (USD). As program budgets are calculated in USD or EUROs, but cash transfers are made in YER, the reduction in the value of the YER against...

1 September 2020

Supporting the Linkages Between Humanitarian Cash and Voucher Assistance and National Social Protection Systems


This tipsheet aims to support country-level coordination efforts to strengthen the engagement between humanitarian coordination groups that implement cash and voucher assistance (CVA) and existing social
protection or disaster risk reduction coordination actors and groups. In particular, it seeks to...

September 2020

Apoyo A Los Vinculos Entre Los Programas De Transferencias Monetarias En El Ambito Humanitario Y Los Sistemas Nacionales De Proteccion Social


Esta hoja de sugerencias tiene como objetivo apoyar los esfuerzos de coordinación a nivel de país para fortalecer el compromiso entre los grupos de coordinación humanitaria que implementan los programas de transferencias monetarias (PTM) y los actores y grupos de coordinación de protección social o...

September 2020

Guía para el manejo de Proyectos de Transferencias Monetarias (PTM) por Covid-19

Guía y herramientas

Esta Guía ha sido construida a partir de la experiencia de organizaciones que forman parte del Grupo Multisectorial de Transferencias Monetarias en Guatemala, que realizan acciones de ayuda humanitaria a nivel nacional y que realizan transferencias monetarias a poblaciones particularmente vulnerables por...

31 August 2020

Annex. Technical Guidance for National Platforms- Cash and Voucher Assistance

Guidelines and Tools

The objective of this guide is to orient the reflection on the role of the Cash Working Groups (CWG) in the 2021
Response Strategy Planning process for Refugees and Migrants from Venezuela. It is a living document that will be
nurtured by the experiences and exercises of the 17 countries and the regional...

17 August 2020

Summary: Lessons and Recommendations on the Use of CVA for the Caribbean Atlantic Hurricane Season


This is a summary document of the CALP Network’s Winds of Change: Lessons and Recommendations on the Use of CVA in the Caribbean and includes a matrix of learning and evidence from the region used to inform the report. This document is made possible by the generous support of the American people...

13 August 2020

Cash Working Group Leads Meeting Report – July 2020


The meeting was set to enable CWG Leads and Co-Leads reflect on the COVID-19 response, address challenges they face in this regard and look into trends and opportunities the response brings.

7 August 2020