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Mapping of CWGs, CCS and CCD Networks in Latin America and the Caribbean

Guidelines and Tools

This map was developed with information captured at The Cash Learning Partnership workshop that took place in Panama City, Panama on 21 November 2019, the activity had the aim to map cash and voucher assistance coordination structures in the region.

11 February 2020

Assistência em Dinheiro e Cupões que Funciona para as Mulheres: 6 lições do terreno


A Assistência em Dinheiro e Cupões (CVA) é actualmente uma ferramenta comum na acção humanitária que é utilizada para fazer face, com maior dignidade, às diversas necessidades de pessoas refugiadas por motivo de crises e conflitos. Embora existam cada vez mais evidências do efeito da CVA no...

11 November 2019

Programación de Transferencias Monetarias Que Funciona Para Mujeres: 6 Lecciones del Terreno


En la actualidad, la Programación de Transferencias Monetarías que funciona para mujeres (PTM) es una herramienta común entre las acciones humanitarias y se usa para satisfacer las diversas necesidades de las personas desplazadas por crisis y conflictos con mayor dignidad.1 Aunque existe evidencia...

8 November 2019

Cash and Voucher Assistance that Works for Women: 6 lessons from the field


Building on CARE’s commitment to be ‘cash ready’ to achieve breakthroughs with and for women and girl, CARE commissioned a study –in Malawi, Haiti, Jordan, the Philippines and Niger–on gender-sensitive CVA that allowed actual CVA recipients to frame the discussion. This is a brief from the...

8 November 2019

Les Transferts Monétaires qui Fonctionnent Pour les Femmes : 6 leçons apprises sur le terrain


Le transfert monétaire (TM) est désormais un outil courant dans l’action humanitaire, utilisé pour répondre avec une plus grande dignité aux divers besoins des personnes déplacées par la crise ou les conflits.1 Bien qu’il y ait un nombre croissant de preuves sur l’effet du TM sur le...

8 November 2019

Moving Forward with Cash in Haiti: A Review of Cash-Based Interventions During Hurricane Matthew Response in Haiti


Mercy Corps, with funding from European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO) has conducted an extensive review of lessons learned and contextual data, combined with key informant interviews and workshops to compile, analyze and present core lessons from the Hurricane Matthew cash-based...

July 2018

Review of Food for Peace Market-Based Emergency Food Assistance Programs: Haiti Case-Study Report


Haiti is a very low-income country with a degraded ecological setting that faces repeated threats from multiple hazards. It is an excellent example of Food for Peace (FFP) linking emergency and development funding through the Kore Lavi Title II program that serves as a model for the national social...

January 2018

Early Lessons Learnt from Cash Transfer Interventions in Post Matthew Haiti


This technical report has twofold purposes, firstly to describe the main international evidence on cash transfer programing pertinent for the Haitian post Matthew emergency context; and secondly, to document the main lessons that can be learnt from the UNDP post Matthew cash transfer intervention. The...

May 2017

Multi-Sector Market Environment Analysis – Haiti. To what extent can markets meet the basic needs of the population affected by Hurricane Matthew


Relief interventions in Haiti, including those to the 2010 earthquake, have been criticised for their (potential) harmful effect on the national market systems (ALNAP 2011 Humanitarian Coalition 2012). This multi-sector report intends to strengthen the understanding of the market environment in the...

October 2016

Protection Outcomes in Cash-based Interventions: A Literature Review


This literature review examines existing research to determine whether the use of cash and vouchers is contributing to the promotion of protection and gender outcomes for beneficiary communities, following the WFP and UNHCR 2013 study on gender, protection and cash. This literature review focuses on these...

8 April 2015