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Adaptation de l’assistance monétaire humanitaire en période de Covid-19 : Expériences et enseignements de Jordanie


La pandémie de COVID-19 et les décisions du gouvernement jordanien pour limiter sa propagation ont eu un impact énorme sur les vies et les moyens de subsistance des populations vulnérables en Jordanie, notamment des réfugié-e-s. L’assistance monétaire s’est révélée incontournable pour...

12 April 2021

مواءمة المساعدة النقدية الإنسانية في أوقات كوفيد19 :التجارب والتعلم من الأردن


يبحث هذا التقرير في كيفية تكيف الجهات الفاعلة في مجال النقد والقسائم بسرعة مع جائحة كوفيد-19 في الأردن للحد من مخاطر الانتقال ، وضمان تقديم الفوائد ، والحفاظ على التواصل...

12 April 2021

Adapting Humanitarian Cash Assistance in Times of COVID-19: Experiences and learning from Jordan


This report examines how cash and voucher actors rapidly adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic in Jordan to reduce transmission risks, ensure delivery of benefits, maintain communication and accountability with refugee populations and meet increasing levels of need. The national response to limit the spread of...

12 April 2021

CVA for Health Outcomes: Learnings from Jordan, Burkina Faso and Bangladesh

Webinar recording

Watch the recording here How can Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) support the goal of improved health outcomes in conditions of extreme poverty and vulnerability?   During this webinar, we shared learning from three programmes that used cash and vouchers to  improve access to and utilization...

8 April 2021

Los programas de transferencias monetarias al servicio de la salud


Poco a poco van surgiendo nuevos datos sobre el uso de programas de transferencias monetarias (PTM) al servicio de la salud. La principal
vía de entrada para los PTM en el ámbito de la salud es la estrategia Healthcare 2030, que pretende garantizar una cobertura sanitaria universal y el acceso a la...

December 2020

Transferts monétaires pour la santé


De nouveaux éléments émergent peu à peu concernant le recours à des transferts monétaires pour obtenir des résultats en matière de santé. La stratégie Healthcare 2030 constitue le point d’entrée essentiel pour les transferts monétaires pour la santé. Cette stratégie vise à proposer

December 2020

Cash assistance: How design influences value for money?


This research aims to contribute to the proof-of-concept on how to design and deliver cash assistance that aligns with end-users’
expectations and maximises Value-for-Money. It seeks to answer the question: to what extent is the value for money of cash assistance influenced by the design of the...

14 October 2020

الربط بين المساعدات النقدية والقسائم والحماية الاجتماعية في منطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا

إرشادات وأدوات

أصبح بناء الروابط بين المساعدات النقدية والقسائم الإنسانية والحماية الاجتماعية موضوعًا بارزًا بشكل متزايد على مدى السنوات الخمس الماضية وكانت منطقة الشرق الأوسط...

7 September 2020

Multi-purpose Cash Transfers and Health Among Vulnerable Syrian Refugees in Jordan


This briefing sheet summarizes findings from a research study conducted from May 2018 through July 2019 to evaluate the impact of MPC on health care-seeking and expenditures by Syrian refugees in Jordan. The study compared approximately 429 households receiving multipurpose cash transfers (MPC) from UNHCR...

6 August 2020

Introduction to Market based Programming in Emergency Wash

Guidelines and Tools

In May-June 2020, PRO-WASH, the Global WASH Cluster and CaLP co-organized a webinar series on Introduction to Market Based Programming (MBP) in Emergency WASH. Recordings and powerpoint presentations from this series are available on the FSN Network in English, Spanish, French, and Arabic. The...

22 July 2020