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The use of cash assistance in the Covid-19 humanitarian response: accelerating trends and missed opportunities


When COVID struck, governments and humanitarians turned to cash assistance to help people. To what extent was CVA used, and how did it impact on ways of working? See CALP’s analysis published in ODI's Disasters Journal, with inputs drawn from across the CALP Network.

1 February 2022

When recipients of aid are in the driving seat – everything changes for the better – here’s why….

Blog Post

  Imagine living under a government with largely benevolent intentions which believes itself to be a democracy and wants to do better. However, at the same time they fail to institute effective mechanisms for citizen participation in decision-making and have a habit of making selective use of the data...

4 November 2020

As Cash and Voucher Assistance scales up, can quality keep pace? Four systemic changes needed.

Blog Post

A decade ago, the use of cash and voucher assistance (CVA) was a fringe activity limited to small, scattered projects.  Five years ago, CVA was still viewed with scepticism by many and comprised less than eight percent of international humanitarian assistance (IHA). Today, while critics remain, cash is...

26 October 2020

حالة النقد في العالم 2020 – الملخص التنفيذي


يقدم تقرير حالة النقد في العالم لعام 2020 صورة شاملة عن حالة مساعدات النقد والقسائم، إلى جانب توصيات مهمة لكل المهتمين في العمل الإنساني. يتابع هذا التقرير نتائج التقرير...

15 October 2020

La situation mondiale des transferts monétaires en 2020 – Résumé exécutif


Le rapport sur la situation mondiale des transferts monétaires en 2020 donne un état des lieux complet de la situation des transferts monétaires, ainsi que des recommandations importantes pour les personnes intéressées par l’action humanitaire. Ce rapport succède au premier rapport fondateur...

14 October 2020

ربط الحماية الاجتماعية والمساعدات النقدية والقسائم الإنسانية


هناك زخم متزايد ومجموعة من العمل حول فكرة تطوير روابط أقوى بين المساعدات النقدية والقسائم الإنسانية والحماية الاجتماعية. تستند هذه الورقة الموجزة لشراكة التعلم...

27 July 2020

State of the World’s Cash 2020 Chapter 3 summary: Quality programming


67% of practitioners report that the quality of CVA has increased in the last two years. The focus for improving CVA has gradually shifted from increased scale, to improved quality and more recently towards quality as defined by outcomes for recipients. This chapter asks: ‘How can we continue to...

23 July 2020

State of the World’s Cash 2020 – Chapter 6B: Investing in innovation for CVA


Since 2017, the appetite for CVA innovation has decreased slightly as has the percentage of practitioners (46%) who agree that humanitarian agencies and private sector actors are developing effective working relationships in CVA programmes. Despite this, digital finance and the use of mobile money has...

23 July 2020

State of the World’s Cash 2020 – Chapter 4 summary: Build sufficient capacity for Cash and Voucher Assistance


Since 2018 individual and organisational CVA capacities have improved, and are having a positive impact on the timeliness and scale of CVA. But dedicated funding for CVA capacity building is generally insufficient and unpredictable and recruiting and retaining skilled staff remains a challenge. This...

23 July 2020