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تقریر حالة النقد في العالم – الملخص التنفیذي


يهدف هذا المنشور الرئيسي من شراكة التعلم النقدي إلى توفير تحليل محايد ودقيق للوضع الحالي للمساعدات النقدية والقسائم على مستوى العالم، بما في ذلك مدى مساهمتها في جودة...

February 2018

The State of the World’s Cash – Executive summary


This report critically analyses the current state of CTP in humanitarian aid, and the extent to which commitments have been achieved, in order to provide shared insights that can accelerate progress.
The report is structured according to the six Global Objectives set out in the CALP Network’s Global...

February 2018

The State of the World’s Cash – Résumé


Le présent rapport analyse de façon critique l’état actuel des transferts monétaires dans le secteur de l’aide humanitaire et mesure les progrès faits par rapport aux engagements pris, afin de donner des éclairages qui
permettraient de les accélérer.
Le rapport est structuré selon les six...

February 2018

The State of the World’s Cash Report – Annex: Case studies


1 Nepal – scaling up cash transfer programming (CTP) after a rapid onset disaster
2 Turkey – Working with host governments to deliver cash-based assistance during the refugee crisis 3 Zimbabwe – Lessons from the ‘Emergency Cash First Response’ to drought-affected communities 4 Democratic...

February 2018

State of the World’s Cash: Slides


About this report: Commissioned by the the CALP Network. Delivered by a team of CALP staff, Accenture Development Partnerships & experts. Purpose: an objective review of the state of Cash Transfer Programming (CTP) in humanitarian aid today, in order to: (a) assess progress compared to commitments and...

February 2018