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Glossary of Terms

First published in 2011, the CALP Glossary is designed to facilitate a common understanding and harmonized use of terms and definitions for cash and voucher assistance (CVA). 

It should be noted that these definitions apply to the use of CVA in humanitarian programming and may not reflect how some terms are understood in other contexts or by other audiences. 

The glossary, last updated in 2023, is available in Arabic, English, French and Spanish in both an online and PDF format. 

It is also available in German and Portuguese but in a PDF format only. 


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Gap Analysis

Gap analysis is the process of calculating the gap (i.e., unmet needs) in household and/or individual needs relative to total needs (e.g., the value of a Minimum Expenditure Basket ). For example: gap = value of total needs – value of needs met (by own economic capacity + by other assistance). Gap analysis is used to inform transfer value(s) which, ideally, covers remaining needs once household economic capacity and other assistance received have been accounted for, although other contextual and design factors may influence transfer values in practice.

Government to Person Payments (G2P)

Government-to-person payments (G2P) : Governments make several types of payments to people – paying wages to public sector workers, distributing public-sector pensions, and providing government transfers to those needing social benefits.

Group Cash Transfer (GCT) (key term)

An approach to provide resources in the form of cash for selected groups to implement projects that benefit either a sub-section of the community, or the community at large. GCT is a type of response that seeks to transfer power to crisis-affected populations (typically delimited by geographical location) or community groups2 to respond to their own needs and priorities.

[Sourced from Group Cash Transfers Guidance and Tools]