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CVA Practices with Afro-descendant and Indigenous Communities in the Americas


There are two ethnic groups of great importance in the Americas: Afro-descendant and indigenous communities. Currently, there is no comprehensive compilation of the experiences of humanitarian actors working with these communities with CVA. Thus, recognizing the importance of addressing structural inequalities and barriers to access to adequate economic, educational, and health resources, as well as systematic discrimination in access to job opportunities and effective public policies, CALP aims to review the region’s practices and experiences on access to humanitarian aid and essential services for these communities.


Compile the experiences of humanitarian organizations at the regional level in the Americas working with Afro-descendant and indigenous communities through CVA.


  • Identify areas of work, and humanitarian assistance programs implemented by the organizations, as well as the local scope, and coordinated work strategies around assistance with Cash and Voucher Assistance for Afro-descendant and indigenous communities.
  • Document existing practices and gaps in assistance and provide recommendations for improvement based on the opinions and suggestions of the organizations.
  • Share the experiences and lessons learned in the study in a discussion space to promote the exchange of knowledge, good practices, lessons learned and identify advocacy opportunities to leverage change among various stakeholders working with CVA and ethnic populations.

Anticipated end date: 29 January 2025

Contact: Juliana Melisa Asprilla