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Ongoing research

Cash and Voucher Assistance with Migrants in Latin America and the Caribbean: a review of practice

Anticipated end date: 1 September 2022

Contact: Holly Welcome Radice and Jose Jodar

Based on consultations with Cash Working Group leads and co-leads in LAC, the intersection of CVA and migration is considerable topic of interest across a number of contexts. Considering the global trends on humanitarian crises focusing on displaced populations, a report is likely to be of interest globally.

For this reason, CALP is commissioning the development of a collection of experiences and case studies on different examples of CVA with migrant populations ensuring the inclusion of the different topologies of migrants. These examples will be balanced with a desk review of existing data on migration in the region and previously documented experiences of humanitarian response with CVA in contexts of migration.

The study’s main objective is to support relevant response stakeholders in understanding different models of humanitarian programming with CVA with different types of migrant populations in Latin America and the Caribbean.