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The State of the World's Cash 2023

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Ongoing research

Adapting cash and voucher assistance (CVA) in contexts of high inflation and depreciation in Africa

The purpose of this work is to support cash working groups to convene relevant stakeholders to agree on actions to take leading to clear predictable processes for adapting cash programming in line with market trends and inflation at country level.

Anticipated end date: 31 March 2023

Contact: Sapenzie Ojiambo

Activities will include online discussions with the relevant stakeholders in five countries (Zimbabwe, Malawi, South Sudan, Burkina Faso, and Nigeria) via meetings and workshops leading to the development of clear action points to be adopted per country. Depending on the country, these could be such as addressing outstanding challenges to do with liquidity and exchange rates, agreeing on triggers to make adjustments to minimum expenditure baskets and transfer values or to effect modality shifts, or even to review and refine the existing processes.

Final products will include reports capturing the agreed action points per country as well as a consolidated analysis of the issues and discussions.


The State of the World's Cash 2023

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