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What Cash Transfer Programming can do to Protect Children – Discussion Paper

2012 — By H Thompson (Save the Children, the Women's Refugee Commission, the Child Protection in Crisis Network, the CALP Network)

This discussion paper examines the links between cash transfers and the positive and negative outcomes for children, in particular the role cash transfers have played in protecting children from harm, exploitation, abuse and violence. The objective of this paper is to identify ways in which cash transfer activities could support the protection of children affected by emergencies.

This paper will look at outcomes achieved due to the intentional use of CTP to achieve benefits with regards to the protection of children in emergencies. Also included in the literature review are examples where positive results in other sectors, such as education, nutrition and food security and livelihoods, indicate positive shifts in overall wellbeing of children.

Drawing on this review of research and case studies, recommendations are made on CTP design to achieve child protection outcomes and areas for further research.

This paper was produced by Hannah Thompson, with support from Save the Children, the Women’s Refugee Commission, the Child Protection in Crisis Network, and the CALP Network.