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Understanding Cash-Based Programming & Protection in the Northern Region of Iraq-KRI

2019 — By Belete Temesgen, Kathryn Taetzsch

Cash and Protection Study on impact of CVA (food security focus) on protection outcomes, particularly for women and children.
The study used a survey and interviews about perceptions of safety and protection from violence in different settings: the home, the local neighbourhood, and the community more broadly based on 4 key questions. The study also used Most Significant Change methodology to identify women’s and men’s representative experiences of the cash programs and whether gender and protection outcomes were among these. In total, 367 households (across different camps and host communities) of Syrian refugees and displaced Iraqis in Northern Iraq completed the survey and 187 provided interview or focus group information. Recommendations included strengthening integration with Social Protection programmes, enhanced mainstreaming of GBV-prevention in CVA, further donor commitment to resource these thematic areas that are critical for improved (child) protection outcomes.