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Webinar recording

Ukraine: Unlocking a more effective humanitarian response (Webinar recording)

14 February 2023

Ukraine has rapidly become one of the world’s largest humanitarian crises as a result of the Russian invasion in February 2022. Millions remain displaced within Ukraine and other countries and many communities have been devastated by the conflict.

Cash transfers have been prioritised as the main form of humanitarian assistance to respond to the Ukrainian crisis, which is entering its second year. As a result of the very high visibility of the crisis and outpouring of funding, international humanitarian actors achieved one of the fastest and largest scale ups of humanitarian cash programming to date.

However, although the funding, capacities, systems and political exist to deliver an effective, locally led response, more could have been done to ensure that the most vulnerable populations did not fall through the cracks.

During this event we discussed how humanitarian actors could:

  • Shift approaches to delivering cash transfers in Ukraine to be more user-centric.
  • Deepen the involvement of local actors in cash transfer design and delivery.
  • Unify parallel programs and strengthen existing systems and financing.
  • Collaborate and coordinate more effectively.
  • Tackle the systemic issues leading to this major missed opportunity, (and how they apply to regional and global context).

Event recording in English

Event recording in Ukrainian

Download the presentation used during the event


Paul Harvey, Partner, Humanitarian Outcomes BASIC research work on humanitarian action and social protection in crises.


  • Konstiantyn Koshelenko, Deputy Minister of Social Policy for Digital Transformation
  • Oleksii Marchenko, Director, Youth Movement “Be Free”
  • Jana Bok Toužimská, Deputy Regional Director, People in Need
  • Quentin Le Gallo, Regional Thematic Expert Food Security & Basic Needs, ECHO.

The CALP Network worked in partnership with Ground Truth Solutions and Humanitarian Outcomes to organise this event.