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The State of the World’s Cash – Executive summary

February 2018 — By Ruth McCormack, Alex Jacobs, Gabrielle Smith, Arushi Chopra, Aarsh Vir Gupta, Thomas Abell

This report critically analyses the current state of CTP in humanitarian aid, and the extent to which commitments have been achieved, in order to provide shared insights that can accelerate progress.
The report is structured according to the six Global Objectives set out in the CALP Network’s Global Framework for Action (GFA, see Annex 1).9
This is a consolidated summary of the major commitments and recommendations made to improve CTP. It provides a collective and measurable road map for increasing the scale and quality of CTP:

  • Ensure sufficient funding is available for cash transfer programming
  • Ensure cash is routinely considered, alongside other tools
  • Build sufficient capacity for cash transfer programming
  • Ensure the quality of cash transfer programming
  • Strengthen coordination of cash transfer programming
  • Strengthen the evidence base and invest in innovation

The Framework connects policy commitments with operational management, and the contents of the six chapters based on the Global Objectives are closely inter-linked.