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Terms of Reference – The Ethiopia Cash Working Group – November2017

November 2017 — By Cash Working Group Ethiopia

The Ethiopia Cash Working Group (ECWG) is a forum of stakeholders dedicated to improving the use and delivery of cash and voucher transfer programming in Ethiopia

The overall objective of the group is to strengthen the coherence and quality of cash based interventions (CBIs) in Ethiopia through strengthened coordination, information sharing and advocacy. The group will strive to improve programs and their ability to benefit vulnerable and disaster affected populations. CBIs are another modality of humanitarian assistance and therefore the ECWG seeks to add value to the discussions while avoiding duplicating existing systems. CBIs will continue to be coordinated through existing mechanisms (e.g. clusters and inter-cluster). The ECWG will work as a sub-group of the Inter-Cluster to drive coherence on key issues related to the implementation of quality CBI operations as well as support the ICCG with multi-sectoral or multi-purpose cash considerations.