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Tajikistan Minimum Expenditure Basket, Gap Analysis and Transfer Value Consideration for CVA: Technical guidance note

October 2023 — By Cash Working Group Tajikistan

This document explains the steps and processes adopted for the construction of the Minimum Expenditure Basket for Tajikistan. The objective of this document is to provide guidance to the Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) community of Tajikistan on the Minimum Expenditure Basket (MEB), gap analysis and the corresponding Transfer Values (TV) for Tajikistan. This is the first MEB constructed in Tajikistan, and it shall remain a living document and would be amended as per the evolving context in Tajikistan and the developments led by the CWG Tajikistan regarding the MEB and Transfer Values.

The scope encompasses the complete process undertaken for the development of the Minimum Expenditure Basket and guidance on the of the corresponding gap and Transfer Values for the country. The document also covers the deliberations with the respective task team, working groups and the logic for selection of the minimum commodities included in the basket, the final recommendations from the Cash Working Group on MEB and TVs.