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Summary EMMA Report Bantayan Island

2013 — By Oxfam

Bantayan Island is located in Northern Cebu, consist of three municipalities of Bantayan, Madridejos and Santa Fe. The island was affected by Haiyan typhoon, Oxfam has been carrying out its
emergency response covering 39 barangays in 3 municipalities.
Bantayan Island is in the early recovery area: market is functioning, some areas have received electricity, tourism activity have resumed, student resumed to school. Specific to WASH aspect, the issue has been more of a chronic issue rather than emergency e.g. low coverage of water pipe
network and sanitation. The typhoon impact has exacerbated the WASH situation whilst public health risks has increased as many people have not yet been reconnected to the piped network and many latrines superstructure were damaged. Specific to drinking water, it is very common people in Bantayan island consume bottled water
(gallon size). After the typhoon it was noticeable that the bottled water market has been impacted there are many shops with empty water gallons, irregular supply, and price has increased 36%.