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SPACE Linking Humanitarian & Social Protection Information Systems in the COVID-19 Response And Beyond

19 October 2020 — By Emrys Schoemaker, with reviews from Valentina Barca, Daniel Longhurst, Rebecca Holmes, and experts on the Social Protection Approaches to COVID-19: Expert Advice Helpline (SPACE)

This note provides a background briefing and five key questions for humanitarian programme staff to consider when making decisions regarding the use of their Information Systems in COVID-19 responses, and beyond. It focuses in particular on contexts of transition from humanitarian to longer-term, state-led social protection systems. It has been written to accompany and complement a forthcoming SPACE piece focused exclusively on social protection information systems. These issues, and contexts, are complex and raise challenging questions, some of which are beyond the scope of this document – including the challenge of reforming technology and data use by stakeholders outside the influence of aid actors. These challenges remain an ongoing discussion amongst practitioners and other stakeholders.