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Social Security/Social Protection In Nepal: Situation analysis

2012 — By Dilli Raj Khanal

The International Labour Conference has outlined several strategies to extend social security by closing coverage gaps and pointed out that effective national strategies should be formed in line with national priorities, administrative feasibility and affordability. The primary goal is to ensure that no one lives below a certain level of income and everyone has access to basic social services. Then, drawing on the basic social floors, it recommends that social protection be extended to provide greater coverage. In addition, reducing poverty, containing inequality and sustaining economic growth is not effective without strengthening labour and social institutions and promoting proemployment macroeconomic environments. It was necessary to review the existing conditions in Nepal in order to develop a national strategy for extension of social security along the horizontal and vertical dimensions. This study prepares a comprehensive profile of existing systems, mechanisms and schemes related to social security and then analyses the status of social security in Nepal. It highlights opportunities and trends and recommends measures to facilitate extension of social security to all the workers in the informal economy.