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Scoping the Cash and Climate Landscape in East Africa and Kenya: Focusing on cash and anticipatory action

7 April 2024 — By NORCAP

In February 2024, NORCAP’s CashCap and Climate action teams undertook a joint East Africa regional and Kenya country level scoping mission about the potential of cash in anticipatory action to climate-related shocks. The main objective was to analyse the needs, capacity and adequacy for the CashCap and Climate Action portfolios to provide quality support to the stakeholders supporting preparedness and anticipatory action, in response to climate-related crises, at East Africa regional and/or national level in Kenya, and in alignment with NORCAP’s strategy 2022-2024. The mission also aimed at identifying capacity gaps and needs in the implementation and coordination of anticipatory action in the region, and potential partnerships and entry points for NORCAP support.

Key findings and recommendations include the following:

  • Climate prediction as a pivotal aspect to be strengthened, especially the impact-based forecast that informs trigger and thresholds development for both regional and country based hazards.
  • NORCAP, with its technical, neutral, operational expertise, could play a key broker role in the East Africa region cash and anticipatory action/early action space at both systemic and operational level bringing to the table its climate action and cash and markets expertise, as well as its unique interagency mandate.
  • Anticipatory action and early action are priorities at both regional and national level in many countries in the East Africa region, including, but not limited to, Kenya. This demands a comprehensive multi-stakeholder (humanitarian agencies, climate services actors, disaster and social protection national actors, donors, other development partners etc.) and multisectoral approach at a regional, national and sub-national /community levels.
  • Combined effort from cash assistance and climate services lens is required for effective anticipatory action and early action in the region, including better communication and coordination between both the IGAD East Africa Anticipatory Action Working Group and the East Africa Regional Cash Working Group, but also through existing national coordination platforms and/or mechanisms. Synergies include both systemic and operational aspects.