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Savings Groups in Emergencies Learning Brief

19 September 2022 — By Benson Adoko, Marc Bavois, Shimeles Bekele, Natacha Brice, Hugh Briggs, Hamelmal Getachew Tsegaye, Claudine Inamahoro, Yukta Kumar, Yasir Tariq, Sarah J Ward

We know that savings groups work – and that they are powerful. But, in emergencies, we must revisit some of our approaches and assumptions. Integrating savings groups into more humanitarian programming – and doing it better – holds significant potential to improve the outcomes of humanitarian aid. In 2021, 8 organizations – committed to improving and understanding this process – came together to form a learning group. With support from the Sall Family Foundation and USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance, they met regularly over a period of one year, to examine the specificities of savings groups in emergencies. They shared resources, experiences, common challenges and solutions, within and beyond their organizations; and produced a resource guide to help savings groups and humanitarian specialists collaborate more effectively.