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Cash 101: Cash and Voucher Assistance Explained

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Safe Cash Distribution in Liberia

June 2015 — By Cash Transfer Technical Working Group Liberia

Delivering cash to crises affected populations is much more than about meeting their ‘physical needs’. It is also about seeing the human being in its fullness and ensuring that the assistance preserves their Safety, Dignity and Integrity. We ensure that cash delivery does not increase the risks faced by populations and vulnerable groups.
We ensure inclusion of the most vulnerable groups
Older people, persons with disabilities, pregnant and lactating women and those caring for children must be given priority in cash distributions as standing for long periods of time is difficult and will prevent them from attending.
We ensure that men and women of all ages and abilities are able to collect and use their cash in a safe and dignified manner without facing barriers
Through regular consultations with men and women of different age groups and status, we aim to fully understand their specific needs and ensure these are considered when designing and implementing cash transfer programmes.


Cash 101: Cash and Voucher Assistance Explained

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