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Rights, information, and predictability: Keys to navigate a complex crisis

December 2022 — By Ground Truth Solutions

The Cash Barometer is an independent accountability mechanism that combines face-to-face surveys with qualitative discussions to enable cash and voucher recipients to share their views and participate in decision-making. In this survey round, we spoke to 1,261 cash and voucher recipients in 47 locations across 15 regions and 24 districts in Somalia to understand their perceptions of the quality of the response. Building on previous data collection from 2020 and 2021, expectation confirmation theory inspired our survey design. We explored our respondents’ expectations of receiving CVA-related information, participating in shaping the aid they receive, and the fairness of aid distribution. We then contrasted these expectations with the reality perceived by respondents and we identified areas where gaps exist. The survey also provides timeseries data that tracks progress towards a more accountable response.
We aimed to capture the preferences of our respondents regarding different parameters of aid. These included aid modality, delivery mechanism, duration, and frequency. Analysing these preferences helps to construct what an appropriate response looks like from people’s own perspectives.