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Webinar recording

Reflecting on Humanitarian Cash Response in Gaza – Insights and Key Takeaways

Our discussions with the Gaza Cash Working Group coordinators focused on achievements, challenges, and strategies for implementing rapid cash responses.

9 May 2024

This serves as a reflection on our recent event centered around the humanitarian cash response in Gaza and Palestine amidst ongoing emergencies. During the event, we had the privilege of hosting the coordinators from the Gaza Cash Working Group, facilitating an in-depth discussion surrounding the efforts of cash actors in Gaza. Together, we explored achievements, challenges, and barriers encountered in delivering timely assistance to affected populations.

Takeaways from our engaging discussions:

  • Discussion centered on actors’ adaptability to changing circumstances, particularly the use of cash as a nimble tool during emergencies.
  • Putting the spotlight on the Gaza market’s dynamic landscape, emphasizing its focal role in both the challenges it confronts and the opportunities it offers Identification of barriers hindering efficient cash distribution emerged as a crucial topic.
  • Strategies were explored to ensure swift cash responses, addressing the urgent requirements of affected populations.

Webinar recording:

Watch the webinar recording for a recap of the thought-provoking discussions.

Contact information of the speakers:

Luca Sangalli:

Ahmed Abu Shammaleh: