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Recommendations for Food Assistance Food Security and Agriculture/Livelihoods Sector – Humanitarian Response Plan 2022-23

March 2023 — By Whole of Syria Food Security Sector

This guidance is developed following consultation with partners and technical working groups across hubs and should be used with sector HRP strategy and supplementary guidance on activity 1.2 – monthly food rations – for background and context.

This guidance is an effort to ensure harmonized response through a minimum package recommended for each of the activities listed under the sector strategy for HRP 2023 and is applicable to all sector partners – HRP or non-HRP.

An estimated USD value for all the response packages has been provided but may vary based on currency fluctuation and various contextual issues across the country.

The modality for delivering this response package should be contextualized as per the area of operation, implying all response packages can be delivered in kind, cash, or voucher based on the feasibility of such modalities.