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OCHA internal guidance – cash in HRPs

2 September 2020 — By OCHA/ CashCap

The enhanced 2020 Humanitarian Programme Cycle (HPC) approach offers a unique opportunity, through its focus on producing a joint inter-sectoral analysis, to provide a holistic understanding of the relationship between needs in the Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO). Additionally, the strengthened focus on response analysis during the preparation of the Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) should enable more systematic inter-sectoral discussions about required multisectoral response approaches, which could include multipurpose cash assistance to meet basic needs, and to identify the complementarity/ integration with national social protection systems.
The below guide offers an overview of how considerations around response modalities have been integrated into the new HPC guidance, as part of the process outlined in the Step-By-Step Practical Guide and the templates for the Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO) and Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP).