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Multi-Sector Market Assessment Guidance and Toolkit

18 December 2020 — By UNHCR, NRC

Markets play a vital role in the lives of displaced persons and their host communities. Humanitarian actors increasingly rely on market-based programme responses to help crisis affected populations meet their needs through local markets. Market assessments should be an essential and integral part of the overall response analysis to inform humanitarian programme design and the appropriate choice of transfer modality.
UNHCR and NRC have revised the Multi-Sector Market Assessment Guidance and Toolkit, a key part of our efforts to make better programme design decisions, to help ensure that our work uses and supports the markets in which the people we serve get the goods and services needed for survival and their livelihoods.
It’s more user-friendly with crisp examples, and the tools have been revised to support better learning. The workflow has been streamlined, to make it clearer that we don’t always have to do a full-blown analysis and we can make better use of the secondary data we already have. And it’s been made more flexible so it can more easily be used to understand a market for services as well as goods.