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“Money determines life, survival and everything else” People need choices for an uncertain future

December 2022 — By Ground Truth Solutions

Ground Truth Solutions (GTS) has been collecting feedback from CVA recipients in Nigeria since 2019. In this fourth round of quantitative surveys in September 2022, we spoke with 1,981 people, including internally displaced people, host community members, and returnees, who had received cash and voucher assistance in the prior six months across the BAY states. The results were presented and discussed with community members in focus group discussions and individual interviews in the following communities in October 2022: Gulak and Wamblimi (Adamawa State); Mandadari, Garba Buzu, Banki, and Gwoza Wakane (Borno State); and Buni Yadi and Kasaisa (Yobe State).

The Cash Barometer is an independent accountability mechanism that combines representative face-to-face surveys with qualitative approaches to enable CVA recipients to provide feedback and influence decision-making.