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Case Study

Main Outcomes of Cash Assistance: Findings from post-distribution monitoring, Bulgaria

March 2024 — By UNHCR

In 2023, UNHCR’s cash-based interventions in Bulgaria evolved to address the persistent challenges faced by vulnerable households, particularly those with disabilities, serious medical conditions, single parents with dependents and older people without family support.

Transitioning from one-off assistance to a multi-transfer approach, the program provided regular support over four months to meet basic needs consistently. With a focus on refining eligibility criteria and aligning transfer values with government assistance levels, UNHCR provided financial assistance to 7,178 individuals (3,054 HHs) under its program from July 2023 to January 2024.

To evaluate the outcomes of the cash assistance program in Bulgaria, UNHCR and its partners conducted a post-distribution monitoring (PDM) survey. This survey was conducted following cash distributions with the aim of capturing a comprehensive understanding of the utilization, impact, and contributions of the cash assistance to the well-being of the prioritized beneficiaries. Additionally, the survey helped identify operational challenges and opportunities for improvement in the delivery and management of cash-based interventions.

This report presents the results and main outcomes of the PDM, based on a randomized sample of 364 households. The survey was conducted through remote interviews in January – February 2024. Preliminary findings indicate that cash assistance was effective in responding to people’s immediate needs, alleviating financial burdens and improving their living conditions and overall well-being within the limited resources available.