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Improving Health Through Cash and Voucher Assistance: Video Tutorial Series

The right to health for all people means that everyone should have access to the health services they need, when and where they need them, without suffering financial hardship.

9 August 2022

This video series explores where and how CVA can support health sector outcomes. Health needs are often unpredictable, unaffordable and require quality control of the supply of healthcare whilst most CVA is set up to respond to average monthly costs. We explore key challenges and opportunities and the latest tools and best practice for analysing options and developing responses. Stressing the importance of contextual analysis and strong coordination between CVA and sector actors, we review how different modalities can play a role in meeting humanitarian health objectives to achieve public health outcomes and mitigate the impacts of future disasters as well as CVA goals to ensure basic needs are met.

CVA for health outcomes: seeking complementarity

This video explores the tensions and differences between CVA and health actors. It introduces a framework for analysis of the barriers to accessing quality health care in humanitarian contexts and reviews recent innovations in CVA programming that complement health sector outcomes through demand side or hybrid programming which address these barriers.

You can also access the content above as a PowerPoint presentation.

Inclusion of health in the minimum expenditure basket (MEB)

This video builds on the learning in the preceding video and the WHO’s Cash Task Team’s MEB and health guidance to review how and when certain health costs should be included in the MEB. It recommends good practice in calculating these health costs and stresses how critical it is that health and CVA actors work together to achieve best practice.

You can also access the content above as a PowerPoint presentation.

Barrier analysis framework for assessing potential CVA for health outcomes

This video presents the WHO’s Cash Task Team’s Response Options Analysis tool. This tool builds on the barriers analysis presented in the first video to illustrate a range of options for programming for health outcomes on both the demand and supply sides. This is a rapidly innovating and growing area of practice, and we focus on where CVA may best complement other modalities to achieve health outcomes.

You can also access the content above as a PowerPoint presentation.