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Going digital: What’s next for Vanuatu in blockchain innovation?

April 2023 — By Sandra Uwantege Hart

Today, the level of impact and user and stakeholder interest in the UnBlocked Cash Project clearly demonstrates a need to look closely at how this effort makes a case for broader and longer-term sustainable adoption of blockchain technology for financial and economic inclusion. To do so, Oxfam, Pacific Advisory and donors engaged in an effort to examine how these lessons can be translated into further use cases and appropriate policy and regulatory adaptations. These are required steps to make this technology widely available and accessible to everyone – above and beyond intermittent humanitarian and development projects.

This paper seeks to make the link between the experience and use of blockchain technology for the facilitation of payments to businesses and individuals in and during the UnBlocked Cash Project, and what this tells us in terms of what can be done to harness future opportunities for the use of blockchain technology by Vanuatu’s private sector and government.