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Gender-Sensitive Cash and Voucher Assistance: Guidance to ensure the approach in the field

3 September 2021 — By CARE

This guidance builds on CARE’s ambition-via practice, research, evidence on CVA–and aims to support the application of gender sensitive CVA throughout the project cycle and at the response level. It is divided into two sections:

– Part A: ‘What has been learned about gender sensitive CVA?,’ briefly explains the recommendations that came from the research.

– Part B: ‘How do we make CVA gender sensitive?,’ applies the recommendations to the different phases of the program cycle with suggested indicators to make it easy to put them into practice.

The guidance is designed for CARE and partners who are involved in all stages of programming with CVA—assessment, design, implementation and monitoring, and evaluation—as well as those interacting with other agencies at response and coordination level. It provides prompting questions and topics and meant to complement other resources on CVA, gender and sectors. (See Annex I).