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Gender, Cash Assistance, and Conflict: Gendered Protection Implications of Cash and Voucher Assistance in Somalia/Somaliland

14 October 2019 — By CARE

The goal of this report is to further understand protection issues in Somalia/land and the implications of CVA on gendered protection issues in the region. This report is structured in reflection of that goal. Following the executive summary, a brief introduction was offered. The section that follows the introduction offers a detailed overview of the methodology used for this research. The research scope, objectives, research questions, as well as data sources and sampling strategy are outlined in this portion of the report as well as in the annexes where noted. The methodology section concludes by addressing the empirical strategy, ethical considerations, and limitations encompassed as part of this research. The findings section follows and offers in-depth analysis into eight protection areas—income consistency and generating activities, food insecurity, illness, negative coping strategies and child protection, psychosocial well-being, violence generally and sexual violence specifically, changes in household structure, and women’s decision making—of interest, each considered using a gendered analytical lens. Finally, the report concludes with a discussion of key insights.