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Gender and Inclusion in social protection responses during COVID-19

1 May 2020 — By Rebecca Holmes, Amber Peterman, Elayn Sammon, Courtney Cabot Venton, Laura Alfers and input from SPACE - Social Protection Approaches to COVID-19: Expert Advice Helpline

The Social Protection Approaches to COVID-19: Expert Advice Helpline (SPACE) provides donors, governments and implementing partners with direct support in thinking through how to maintain or adapt existing systems and programmes to meet rapidly growing needs. Through a multi-disciplinary ‘ask-the-experts’ service, SPACE provides a sounding board for decision-makers in COVID-19 responses – challenging or affirming existing thinking and supporting innovation.

This document provides key considerations and examples of how gender and social inclusion (GESI) can be integrated into potential COVID-19 response options/strategies via existing social protection and / or humanitarian programmes (or a hybrid approach, leveraging social protection delivery systems and capacity). This document links to the SPACE Strategy Decision Matrix and Delivery Systems Matrix, providing further detail on GESI issues for both documents.

This document was developed as a technical tool used to structure an independent and unbiased analysis of COVID-19 response options. It does not necessarily represent DFID or GIZ own views or policies.