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ELAN Vocabulary and Usage

2016 — By Electronic Cash Transfer Learning Action Network

As e-transfer programs, technologies and products develop, key terms, phrases and working definitions are evolving alongside them. At the moment, these words and phrases are rarely standardized, and often hold unique meanings within different contexts and to different stakeholders. In order to facilitate clear interactions within the network, attendees at the kick off meeting discussed the following terms and settled on a set of working definitions to be used in elan communications. A small group continued refining definitions and concepts for select terms following the kick off event.

The list below contains terms and definitions that will be used in elan communications. Industry-specific terms have not been re-defined for humanitarian use, but notes on humanitarian applications of the term appear in the right-hand column. Private sector elan members encouraged humanitarians to communicate clearly regarding program requirements rather than focusing on defining specific products or product features, as solutions are evolving quickly. Understanding operational needs will help a service provider identify and recommend the most appropriate technological option(s).