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Webinar recording

CVA, Climate & Environment CoP Anticipatory Action and CVA

Understanding and Exploring Key Concepts, Issues, Approaches and Perspectives.

April 2024

Anticipatory action (AA) is a hot topic across the humanitarian sector, and the use of cash assistance as a key modality in AA means that it’s an area of increasing relevance to cash practitioners. Although AA is not limited to climate-related shocks, this constitutes a major focus in this type of programming, including with regards the use of cash assistance, as summarized in the latest State of the World’s Cash report 

As understanding of and direct engagement with anticipatory action remains variable, this first meeting of the CoP on the topic of AA and CVA focused on some of the fundamental issues and approaches, with the following objectives:  

  • Explore and clarify the fundamentals of anticipatory action – definitions and concepts, key components, etc. 
  • Provide an overview of cash in AA – what is it, examples of how it has been used, key issues, etc. 
  • Explore selected examples of AA in practice – funding mechanisms, activities, impacts. 
  • Highlight locally led approaches to anticipatory action – introducing related guidance and experience from the ground (Madagascar). 
  • Highlight community perspectives (Nigeria) on the use of cash in AA. 

Agenda and Participants 

Topic  Presenter(s) / Discussants  Organisation  Links and Resources 
Understanding the fundamentals of anticipatory action, and the use of ‘anticipatory cash’  Anita Auerbach  German Red Cross / Anticipation Hub  
Funding and implementing anticipatory action – Start Network’s experience   Tayler Hernandez ;  

Anna Farina  

Start Network  

Locally led anticipatory action – guidance and practice   Miyo Rabaritsimba;   

Hasina Razafindrakoto (SAF/FJKM); 

Dansam Ouma (GNDR)  


SAF/FJKM (Madagascar)  
Community perspectives on anticipatory cash (Nigeria)   Elisa Schmidt  Ground Truth Solutions  

Watch the recording below or on YouTube: