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CTP Operational Models Analytical Framework

The State of the World’s Cash Report launched by the CALP Network in February 2018 highlights trends in the uptake of various operational models for the delivery of cash at scale in humanitarian response.

Current decision making on the choice between these various operational models is highly influenced by context, and by the policies and approaches of donor agencies. Decision making on operational models is often also influenced by the commonly held assumption that highly collaborative operational models result in greater efficiency and effectiveness. This framework aims to reform this approach to decision making on operational models, by unpacking assumptions on collaboration and quality. As such, it provides a systematic approach to identifying features within an operational model that influence quality.

This analytical framework provides a toolset that can be used to draw out how aspects of an operational model influence quality in CTP. It also draws out the role of contextual factors in the formation and evolution of operational models, and in supporting or hindering positive outcomes.

The information gathered from this toolset can be used, by extension, to:

  • Build a knowledge base around operational models for CTP and support policy makers, donors and humanitarian agencies at the global level.
  • Ensure that models for the delivery of CTP are tailored to meet the specific needs of a response, including by recommending adaptations to ongoing responses.
  • Inform practical decision making on operational models, including programme design and monitoring and evaluation (M&E).

The accompanying case studies can be downloaded here: