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Consolidated Feedback from Field Consultations on the draft Cash Coordination Guidance for Cluster Coordinators and draft Standard ToRs for Cash Working Groups

February 2020

Following discussion of the draft cash Coordination Guidance for Cluster Coordinators and the draft Standard ToRs for Cash Working Groups at the GCCG meeting on 30 August 2018 the decision was taken to seek feedback and inputs from field colleagues before endorsing these. The CALP Network submitted a proposal to the group to conduct a series of regional consultations on both documents on their behalf, seeking feedback from cash and coordination actors at the country and regional levels. The CALP Network conducted four workshops in February and March 2019: in Nairobi covering Somalia, in Juba covering South Sudan, in Amman covering the Middle East and North Africa and in Dakar covering West Africa.
Participants at each workshop included cluster coordinators, intercluster coordinators, Cash Working Group/ Basic Needs Working Group leads, CashCap experts, donors and representatives of UN agencies and NGOs delivering CVA in crisis contexts. Due to a request from GCCG members not to share the documents in full, participants received summaries of both documents which were used as a basis for discussion.

The following is a synthesis of the rich feedback received across the four workshops, which has been shared with workshop participants as well as with the GCCG. We recognise that some feedback, in particular requests for clarity around roles and processes that have not been agreed at the global level, and questions related to the “out of scope” areas of the guidance may be beyond the immediate scope of these documents. We look forward to seeing how this feedback is incorporated in final versions of the documents, and what steps will be taken to follow up on feedback which is judged to be outside the scope of the documents under preparation.