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Collaborative Cash Delivery Network – Grand Bargain – Collaboration Agreement Accomplishments 2020

24 June 2020 — By CCD

The Collaborative Cash Delivery (CCD) Network is pleased to present its achievements against the commitments made by our global members’ CEOs at the 2019 Grand Bargain Summit as part of our global collaboration agreement.

We know we are better together, and in this time of increasing pressure on the humanitarian sector, amidst a backdrop of a global pandemic, CCD continues to break down traditional silos to undertake collaborative actions for the benefit of the communities we serve.

We have made progress in several significant areas in relation to our Grand Bargain commitments announced in 2019:
• CCD members in multiple countries conducted joint analysis for cash and voucher responses, complementing and coordinating with other non-CCD actors, including cash working groups where available.
• CCD’s in-country membership includes 21% of actors deemed national or local, with an inclusive, ecosystemic governance that allows all actors to participate equally.
• Members continue to work to reduce costs through capacity sharing, collective endeavours, standardisation of operating procedures, legal frameworks, and cash and voucher assistance tools.
• The continued investment from internal and external sources has enabled the further development of a collaboration toolkit and COVID-19 response strategy to support CCD members through this period.
• CCD has built an enabling environment for collaboration, which has enhanced trust between members, allowing for more efficient cash and voucher consortia setup.
Whilst we acknowledge the learnings from these achievements, we are aware that there are still further efforts to be made in this rapidly changing environment. With COVID-19 affecting the way we work alongside communities, we are adapting our approaches to the setup and management of in-country networks to allow tailored support to our members, local actors, and communities.
With this, CCD reiterates our strategic support and commitment to our founding principles and enabling the shared CCD vision and intent to adopt a harmonised and less competitive approach to cash and voucher assistance by working together.
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