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Cash 101: Cash and Voucher Assistance Explained

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Cash assistance: How design influences value for money?

14 October 2020 — By Key Aid Consulting

This research aims to contribute to the proof-of-concept on how to design and deliver cash assistance that aligns with end-users’
expectations and maximises Value-for-Money. It seeks to answer the question: to what extent is the value for money of cash assistance influenced by the design of the programme?

This research examines three design decisions in particular: (1) using a unified delivery platform; (2) using existing social safety nets for delivery; and (3) the consolidation of cash transfers.

Drawing on available global evidence and four country case studies – Colombia, Jordan, Kenya and Turkey, this research report discusses in detail what influence these three design-related decisions have on the value for money of cash assistance.


Cash 101: Cash and Voucher Assistance Explained

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