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Annex 1: Multi-Sector Market Assessment (MSMA)


The Multi-Sector Market Assessment (MSMA) Annex is designed to help practitioners examine whether an affected target population can fairly and equitably access the expected amount of goods and services in
order to meet the objectives of the Multipurpose Cash Grant (MPG) programme.

The aim of the MSMA is to inform and support Situation and Response Analysis (SRA) and Response Design during a crisis through assessing whether and how market supply can and does meet demand in a crisis. A MSMA will be typically undertaken within the first two months of the start of the crisis. If there are imbalances between supply and demand, the MSMA identifies the blockages or breakages and provides suggestions about how to or fix them. Any recommendations about supporting the market to meet demand would need to be included in the overall design of a cash- or markets-based programme.