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Cash 101: Cash and Voucher Assistance Explained

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Simon Reed

Deputy Director

Organisation: IrisGuard UK Ltd

Simon has over 25 years of senior level international experience in strategic business marketing and technology developments and has helped to set-up and chair several industry forums (SIMalliance/TCA and Java Card Forum) which have helped shaped the mobile communications and payments world we currently live in.

He has worked with specific software/VM platforms such as Java, EMV banking, and ID / biometric usage and has consulted for several Asian countries and global clients such as Bain, Goldman Sachs, BT, AT&T, Telefonica, and Orange.

Previously he was Applications Director at Morpho in Germany as part of the global €30 billion French defense and aerospace specialists Safran Group (Formerly Sagem/Orga GmbH and now IDEMIA), one of the world’s top four companies that specializes in smart cards, systems, and software. Here he helped card product growth from €50million to over €300million in turnover.

Working with IrisGuard, Simon has been instrumental in the development and now the extension of their global iris biometric secured transactional business into the mobile money sector. This is working with a number of verticals including humanitarian assistance, healthcare and pharma, social payments and Fintech.

He is a recognized international speaker and a world expert in the implementation of SIM’s eSIM’s and applications for the global GSM mobile telecommunications and internet and security marketplaces.

Simon is degree level educated and has several post degree qualifications including the Henley Centre Chartered Institute of Marketing and Pirbeck Sales Training.


Cash 101: Cash and Voucher Assistance Explained

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