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Cash 101: Cash and Voucher Assistance Explained

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Kristin Smart

Global Cash Transfer Programming Coordinator

Organisation: OXFAM GB

Kristin Smart sits within Oxfam’s Global Humanitarian Team and leads Oxfam’s work on CVA.  Within her team also sits Oxfam’s humanitarian leads on social protection and markets supporting across all areas of Oxfam’s work.  With over 12 years of humanitarian experience across South East Asia, Pacific, Asia, Africa, Middle East and Europe Kristin has specialized in  cash transfers, economic recovery and livelihoods, but also has a background in operations (Finance, Administration, HR and Logistics) through her previous role as a operational coordinator with Médecins Sans Frontières.  Her current interests in CVA include using cash as a tool to strengthen local response systems (localization, social protection, markets), CVA and resilience (financial, digital and mobile inclusion), how different CVA delivery mechanism impact gender equality and CVA innovations.


Cash 101: Cash and Voucher Assistance Explained

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