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The State of the World's Cash 2023

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The most useful tools, reports, guidance and research related to cash and voucher assistance in humanitarian response. As well as the CALP's own publications, we link to other useful resources. You can submit your own resource for publication on the CALP Network library here.

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Increasing the use of cash – part of the answer to humanitarian funding cuts?

Blog Post

CALP’s Director Karen Peachey argues that in the face of humanitarian funding cuts we need to be using the most cost-efficient tools available to us – and that cash fits the bill. 

2 February 2024

Minutes and presentations from the WCAF regional CWG

Meeting minutes

Minutes and presentations from the WCAF regional CWG – 17 January 2024 Watch the recording here:  

17 January 2024

What is stopping cash from transforming humanitarian aid?


Over six episodes, Series 2 of CashCast explores what’s holding humanitarian cash assistance back from reaching its full potential: Where has change flourished or faltered? And what can we do about it? Together, with our six fascinating guests, we delve into issues around CVA transformative change,...

Will New Technologies Help Deliver More and Better Cash?


Technology brings new opportunities, risks, and dilemmas for the humanitarian system. In this episode, we explore these issues, and question whether the combination of technology and cash could bring transformative change and finally make aid more people-centered.

Is Large-scale Cash Compatible with Locally Led Response?


In this episode, we challenge the idea that locally led response and large-scale CVA are incompatible. We explore the myths around local actors and the barriers to further progress.

Can Cash Make the Humanitarian System More Accountable?


In this episode we explore accountability issues within the humanitarian system, their root causes and potential solutions. We ask if cash and voucher assistance has a part to play in improving accountability, and what that could look like.

The State of the World's Cash 2023

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