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Questions and Answers (CRM Consultant Role)

"Please find below the questions and answers we have received from applicants regarding the 'Support on CRM Strategy and Implementation' tender process."

Q: Could you confirm that this project is focused on a CRM strategy for CALP to manage its relationships with member organizations and stakeholders and not a CRM strategy/platform for member charities themselves?
A: Yes, it is all about CALP’s strategy to manage its contacts and stakeholders, not our members’.

Q: Could you provide a rough estimate of the number of regular and occasional users that you envisage?
A: Around 10-15 users.

Q: Please could you provide clarity on your expectations of how much of the consultant’s time you expect to be dedicated to supplier shortlisting, selection, and supporting the configuration and rollout phase?
A: The dates for deliverables are indicative and can be discussed according to each proposal.

Q: Is there a preferred format for the proposal to support? Will a PowerPoint presentation, with any necessary supporting documents, suffice?
A: A PowerPoint would be okay if it explains the key information to understand your approach and proposal. 

Q: Where have you gathered your data from so far?
A: Our data comes from various sources, including our newsletter sign-up form connected to Mailchimp and email leads from events registration forms.

Q: What are your expectations for the CRM tool?
A: We hope to determine the tool’s role through the consultancy, but we want to organise our contacts and track behavior across channels. Events are an essential source of leads, and our strategy should align with those efforts.

Q: What are the business requirements for a CRM tool?
A: Our objectives include having clean and updated stakeholder data, growing our audience, and managing data about the communities of practice and Cash Working Groups.

Q: Who are your existing subscribers?

  • Member organisations and Member Focal Points
  • Board and Technical Advisory Group members
  • CALP direct donors
  • Policy makers, big picture thinkers and academics
  • Leaders and decision makers
  • Humanitarian Practitioners – Technical and Programmatic
  • Cash Working Groups and communities of practice
  • Humanitarian Donors – traditional and non-traditional
  • Private sector actors
  • Host government actors
  • Humanitarians (technical/programmatic/policy) who are NOT currently involved in CVA
  • Comms and logistics staff from the humanitarian sector
  • The media

Q: What is the budget for the project?
A: Ideally, the estimated budget is USD$15,000, including one-year software licenses and consultancy rates. We aim to use an affordable CRM tool and expect the consultancy to last between 10-20 days.
However, we are open to discussing different budgets for CRMs if the options presented are suitable and compelling. 

Q: Do you have an idea of how many contacts you will be migrating into the CRM?
A: We are not sure, as our contacts are stored in different spreadsheets. However, we estimate that they are not more than 1,000. We also have 4,000 contacts on Mailchimp. We are still unsure if it is a good idea to migrate all of those contacts to the CRM or leave the CRM only for managing key stakeholders. 

A: I wondered about the working timings for the project. Our consultants are based in the UK and I noticed that your request mentioned “Must be available to work outside normal office hours or on the weekends as needed or required by contact with the Project Team or other partners. ” Are you able to give an idea of what these hours might look like? Where is the majority of your team based?
Q:The contract requires us to let providers know that working outside office hours is a possibility, but we can ensure that this is not the rule. If it happens it would be really exceptional. The team managing the project work during regular office hours, and they are based in the UK