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Deadline: 5 June 2023

Organisation: Save the Children


Description of Service:
A consultant is required to coordinate with project leads and relevant AoR Focal points to receive guidance on the structure and content of the tip sheets and receive relevant existing guidance that will serve as a resource to the consultant. The consultant will then update the existing Cash for Child Protection, Housing Land and Property, Mine Action, and Cash for Protection in Refugee Settings Tip Sheets (4 Tip Sheets in total). These will be sent for review to the project leads and AoR Focal points and updates based on feedback will be made by the consultant.
The work is expected to take up to 10 days per Tip Sheet over 3 months. This is a remote/home-based
• Item 1: Update Child Protection and CVA Tip Sheet – $5,000
• Item 2: Update Housing, Land and Property and CVA Tip Sheet – $5,000
• Item 3: Update Mine Action and CVA Tip Sheet – $5,000
• Item 4: Develop Cash for Protection in Refugee Settings Tip Sheet – $5,000

Delivering on these items will require the consultant to:
o Consult with project leads and AoR Focal Points to collect relevant existing resources, understand practitioner perspectives/knowledge gaps and identify appropriate tip sheet structure.
o Review and understand existing resources.
o Produce updated draft of tip sheet as required.
o Circulate with project leads and AoR Focal Points, receive feedback and update accordingly.

Total # of days: 40 days total or 10 days per Tip Sheet
*More than one Consultant position is open for this role. Given the specialized nature of each tip sheet topic, prospective applicants can apply to work on one, two, or more tip sheets. Selected consultants would be remunerated accordingly per tip sheet. Applicants should specify which tip sheet(s) they would like to work on, based on their background, qualifications, and specializations.

Please send your CV, cover letter and writing sample to
Please specify in your cover letter which Tip sheet(s) topic you are applying for.

Please read the attached ToR for more details.