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CALP consultancy

Consultant Digital Marketing Analyst

The CALP Network is seeking support from a consultant to develop and implement media, sentiment and citation monitoring systems for the organisation

Deadline: 12 March 2023


Digital marketing analyst

About the CALP Network

The CALP Network is a dynamic global network of over 90 organisations engaged in the critical areas of policy, practice and research in humanitarian cash and voucher assistance (CVA) and financial assistance more broadly. Collectively, CALP members deliver the vast majority of humanitarian CVA worldwide.

What makes the CALP Network unique is its diversity. CALP members currently include local and international non-governmental organisations, United Nations agencies, the Red Cross/Crescent Movement, donors, specialist social innovation, technology and financial services companies, researchers and academics, and individual practitioners.

Together we seek to better meet the needs and improve the outcomes for people affected by crisis. To do this we ensure that CVA is a central, scalable component of quality, timely and appropriate humanitarian assistance, and that the need to sustain positive outcomes for people over the longer term is considered.


The CALP Network is seeking to hire a consultant to research, develop, and implement systems that CALP staff can go on to use in order to monitor and track the organization’s online presence, publication citations, online mentions and backlinks as well as developments related to its niche – humanitarian Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA).

Firstly, the consultant will define in consultation with CALP detailed objectives for tracking and monitoring relevant external activity. They will then assess the relevant existing tools CALP is using, consider how use of these tools could be maximised and what gaps still remain in terms of meeting these objectives. Subsequently the consultants will assess and recommend any new tools needed, (which CALP will procure), in order to achieve the goals of this project.

Finally, the consultant will configure and use these tools to develop and implement a new system for tracking, monitoring external activity relevant to CALP, and train CALP staff to understand and use these systems and to respond appropriately.

Scope of work and purpose

The consultant will develop and implement three systems that can effectively track and monitor:

1. External citations, usage and backlinking of CALP publications (e.g., research, guidance, policy briefings) and other products (e.g., webpages, articles, training content).

Purpose – To understand where CALP Network publications are being cited and used by other organizations in their policies, research, guidance, training and other publications and where they are not being picked up or used. We are particularly interested in how influential actors are using our research and guidance, training and evidence base, how it is informing policy and practice in the field of humanitarian Cash and Voucher Assistance. This will support more strategic planning and
decision making (especially around where to invest time and resources).

2. Conversations, mentions and sentiment relating to the CALP Network and topics related to our niche on social media/other forums.

Purpose – To gain insights into our online reputation and to manage our online presence by identifying and addressing any negative or inaccurate information that may be circulating online, and by promoting positive content that aligns with our goals and values. To identify opportunities to
engage with potential partners, as well as challenges that may require a response or action. This in turn could inform strategic planning and decision making.

3. News, research, updates and developments in the world of CVA and the humanitarian field more broadly.

Purpose – To develop systems that enhance CALP’s ability to maintain a current and comprehensive understanding of the latest developments and trends in the field, supporting the organisation’s relevance, reputation, and responsiveness.


The ideal candidate for this project will have the following qualifications:

  • Experience of using tools / digital platforms to track social media mentions, generate sentiment analysis.
  • Experience creating a system for tracking, monitoring and analysing publication citations (experience with Digital Object Identifiers appreciated).
  • Experience with a range of tools (such as feedly, tweetdeck, google alerts or similar) for tracking developments in a specific niche.
  • Experience of using sentiment analysis and conversation/monitoring data to inform potential interactions with online communities.
  • Experience training staff on the use of new monitoring tools and systems.
  • Experiences of using WordPress, plug ins and or Google Analytics for capturing relevant data from web users.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Submission Requirements

Proposals should include the following information:

A brief overview of the proposed approach to the project.

A detailed description of the consultant’s qualifications and relevant experience.

A timeline for completion of the project.

A budget (in Euros) specifying:

  • Your day rate including tax (please specify this)
  • Each service listed separately with expected time allocation and cost (based on day rate)
  • Any additional information you would like to provide against each service.


Any questions can be addressed to by February 19, 2023, with answers being published to this web page February 24, 2023.


Please submit proposals to Jo-Anne Witcombe at and by March 12, 2023.

For more details, please download the Terms of Reference below.