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CaLP consultancy

Consultancy: Framework Agreement for French Translators

Deadline: 8 August 2021

Organisation: CaLP



CaLP is a dynamic global network of over 90 organisations engaged in the critical areas of policy, practice and research in humanitarian cash and voucher assistance (CVA) and financial assistance more broadly. Collectively, CaLP members deliver the vast majority of humanitarian CVA worldwide. What makes CaLP unique is its diversity. Members currently include local and international non-governmental organisations, United Nations agencies, the Red Cross/Crescent Movement, donors, specialist social innovation, technology and financial services companies, researchers and academics, and individual practitioners. Together, and alongside our strategic partners, we seek to better meet the needs and improve the outcomes for people affected by crisis. To do this we ensure that CVA is a central, scalable component of quality, timely and appropriate humanitarian assistance, and that the need to sustain positive outcomes for people over the longer term is considered.

CaLP strives to have key documents available in Arabic, English, French and Spanish to ensure inclusivity among its audience and greater uptake of its resources. Currently, CaLP has made advances on this front in the last year but is seeking to grow its roster for certified translators as demand increases.


To professionally translate documents from English to French using guidance that has been identified by CaLP.


Documentation that is translated into French should follow guidance that is provided by CaLP. The main reference documents for translation in French will be the relevant style guides, CaLP’s Glossary and technical flagship products as well as any other pertinent documents.

Key deliverables/outputs 

  • Translation of case studies, technical guidelines, capacity building tools, resources and other documentation, amounting to a range of 5,000 to 10,000 words per month (approximately).

Duration and estimated timeframe

The timeline will depend on each product that requires translation.

Milestones and payment schedule 

This will be defined prior to the start date of the consultancy in a separate ToR and Addendum each time, and will depend on the complexity / volume of the work.

Profile of the Consultant(s)

The consultant should have the following essential skills and knowledge:

  • Native proficiency in the target text (French)
  • Experience with translating humanitarian documentation from source text to target text (e.g. English to French) for the UN, INGOs, NGOs, etc.
  • Accredited translator, translation certification required stating languages qualified to translate
  • Sound interpretation, writing and analytical skills


  • Undergo an induction session with the CaLP communications Officer – French Lead to review key documents and terminology and establish ways of working, quality expectations and guidelines, etc.

Application Procedures

Expressions of Interest should include a financial proposal, CVs of consultant(s) and at least two recent translation samples, which should be sent to  COB ­­­­8th of August 2021  with the subject line: CaLP French Translation ToR. Any additional clarifications on the consultancy should be addressed to .