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CALP job

CaLP Administrative Assistant – Americas Team

Washington D.C

If you’re resourceful, curious and amazing at organizing things, we are looking for you! Come work with us as we seek to maximize the potential humanitarian cash and voucher assistance can bring to populations affected by crisis. In this position you will play a key role in ensuring optimal team productivity. In return, you will work with a dynamic team, meet and interact with a variety of people and have endless opportunities to develop new competencies.

Role Purpose

The Administrative Assistant provides administrative support to the Americas Regional Team. The role requires attention to detail coupled with excellent organizational skills to get things done efficiently. This is an important role that enables the whole team to be at its best and helps CaLP excel.

CaLP Purpose

CaLP is a dynamic global network of over 90 organisations engaged in the critical areas of policy, practice and research in humanitarian cash and voucher assistance (CVA) and financial assistance more broadly. Collectively, CaLP members deliver the vast majority of humanitarian CVA worldwide.

We envision a future where people are enabled to overcome crises with dignity, by exercising choice and their right to self-determination.

The purpose of the CaLP network is to maximise the potential that humanitarian CVA can bring to people in contexts of crisis, as one component of broader financial assistance. To do this we catalyse the power, knowledge and capacities of our diverse global network, alongside other local, national, regional and global actors, all of whom are seeking to secure better outcomes for people living in crisis contexts. Our role as a collective is to generate alignment in the approaches and actions of those within and across our network, in order to help optimise the quality and scale of humanitarian CVA.

What makes CaLP unique is its diversity. CaLP members currently include local and international non-governmental organisations, United Nations agencies, the Red Cross/Crescent Movement, donors, specialist social innovation, technology and financial services companies, researchers and academics, and individual practitioners.

As a CaLP team, we work with and for the CaLP network – keeping our vision front and centre. Working impartially, we engage with the network to generate evidence, we facilitate dialogue, we challenge and question, we draw together good practices and promote their uptake. We play a key role in creating the impetus and means for thought leadership and convene network members to generate futures-thinking agendas. We mobilise the membership and the wider network to look for collective solutions to collective problems.

How we aim to work as the CaLP team

We strive to work collaboratively with the network and as a team. All of us, in some way, influence, communicate, manage knowledge, share learning and administer to get things done.

We work as one team and in many sub teams, we also create task teams to drive forward specific activities and then disband them when the job is done. Many teams are largely self-organizing, agreeing ways of working that make sense for the task at hand with devolved decision-making that gives us space to act to meet our own responsibilities.

This way of working can take time to get used to, it’s not perfect and we’re constantly seeking to strengthen it. This fluidity and team work brings huge benefits, in that it allows us to remain agile, explore, learn as we go, adapt further and get better at what we do, in service of our goals.

Role grade: AAH US Grade 5

Management support line: Regional Representative

Key Accountabilities:

  • Support the planning and management of events, mostly on-line and occasionally face-to-face. This includes platform facilitation, technical support for on-line meetings, registration management, note-taking, etc.
  • Support procurement and logistical processes, liaising with host agency and tracking progress to ensure timely completion of processes; resolving any issues as may arise.
  • Support grant management by updating trackers and assisting with grant related administration.
  • Provide clerical support to the team, including note taking, the maintenance of contact lists, electronic filing etc.
  • Track payments and follow-up as necessary, ensuring correctly coded and timely processing.
  • Deal with general enquiries, for example, helping people connect with CWGs; signpost to CVA resources; respond to training enquiries.

Essential Technical Skills, Experience & Knowledge

  • Professional Spanish proficiency
  • Excellent administrative skills.
  • Excellent organizational and planning skills.
  • Attention to detail and a persistent mindset to resolve issues.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Good numeracy skills.
  • Good computer skills.

Desirable attributes

  • Experience working in the Latin America and Caribbean region.
  • Experience of working in a virtual network or remote team.
  • Understanding of cash and voucher assistance (CVA).
  • Fluency in Arabic or French, in addition to English and Spanish

Role profiles are living documents, and aren’t an exhaustive list of things to do. The role may require other reasonable duties. As with everything, flexibility is the name of the game

Location: Washington DC

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis