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Paiements numériques

Se familiariser avec des technologies novatrices est essentiel pour veiller à ce qu’une intervention humanitaire (dont celles qui incluent des transferts monétaires) soit aussi efficace que possible. Toutefois, au moment d’intégrer de nouvelles technologies et partenariats pour l’aide humanitaire, nous devons nous assurer que la sécurité, la dignité et les préférences des personnes ayant vécu une situation de crise soient une priorité.

Les technologies numériques transforment la manière dont nous répondons aux urgences. Les innovations sont multiples : elles concernent l’identification des personnes ayant droit à une aide, la collecte des données pour les évaluations et le suivi ou encore la communication aux communautés affectées par la crise. Les systèmes de paiement numérique, dont les appareils mobiles, les coupons électroniques et les cartes, lorsqu’ils sont utilisés de manière appropriée, peuvent accélérer, sécuriser et optimiser l’assistance, la rendant également plus inclusive. Toutefois, le volume de données personnelles que nous collectons, stockons et partageons augmentant, nous devons nous assurer que nos systèmes de protection des données restent pertinents et veiller à comprendre et atténuer les risques associés aux nouvelles technologies.

Contenu récent

Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis: Linking humanitarian Cash and Social Protection in practise


This paper seeks to demonstrate practical ways in which NGOs are linking their humanitarian work to social protection and the added importance of this in the context of COVID-19, following from the earlier work of CCD outlining the role of NGOs to
improve the access to and delivery of social protection in...

27 juillet 2020

Presentation for the CALP Network’s webinar on remote registration and verification in the COVID-19 response


Watch the webinar recording here Speaker presentations from the CALP Network’s 14 July 2020 webinar on: Peril or pitfalls?: Emerging practices on remote registration and verification in the COVID-19 response Remote CVA programming has been highlighted as a key challenge for the community of practice in...

16 juillet 2020

COVID-19: Invest now in cash/voucher-social protection scale-up or children pay the price later


Read the article here. Only socially accountable Social Protection Assistance beyond humanitarian cash/voucher programmes – if properly and quickly implemented – will protect generations of children from the aftershocks of COVID-19. Despite cash and voucher transfers becoming the tool of choice of...

25 juin 2020

Collaborative Cash Delivery Network – Grand Bargain – Collaboration Agreement Accomplishments 2020


The Collaborative Cash Delivery (CCD) Network is pleased to present its achievements against the commitments made by our global members’ CEOs at the 2019 Grand Bargain Summit as part of our global collaboration agreement. We know we are better together, and in this time of increasing pressure on the...

24 juin 2020

Unity Card


In response to NCOVID, we have launched UNITY CARD,
which gives immediate technical support to the deployment of cash aid via this special card payments

18 mai 2020

We Turn Mobile Sim Cards Into Bank Accounts for the Emerging World


Fonbnk LLC (“Fonbnk” or the “Company”) is new distributed finance company, providing borderless banking infrastructure directly to unbanked people around the world using the mobile internet. Anyone with a prepaid mobile SIM card and a verified online identity can now have a global stored value...

5 mai 2020

Webinar | Multi-purpose Cash Transfer and Child Protection: a case study (English and Spanish editions)

Webinar recording

Watch the webinar recording here. More information here. In 2018, with the support of OFDA and FFP, Save the Children implemented a multi-purpose cash transfer ‘Plus’ program in response to the influx of Venezuelan into Colombia. The program aimed at covering vulnerable household’s basic needs and...

4 mai 2020

CCD Ethiopia one-year in: Collaboration in reality


Based on insights compiled from surveys and interviews conducted with members of the Ethiopian cash community and CCD (Collaborative Cash Delivery Network) members in January 2020, this report provides an overview of how CCD Ethiopia is working towards global and national objectives, takeaways for startup...

24 avril 2020

Mercy Corps Tipsheet: CVA payments and digital data management

Guidelines and Tools

Building off the COVID-19 and CVA tipsheet , this guidance helps you think through considerations to be making alongside your current payment providers. This also includes tips on if/when/how to anticipate
transitions to newly viable forms of transfer mechanisms/technologies in a given context.

26 mars 2020